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Caloundra Aquatic Lifestyle Centre has developed both pool and surf programs that cater for age and open level swimmers. What sets us apart from most is we have access to the resources of the QAS and have networks with Australia’s leading coaches and sports conditioners. These networks are established through reputation and are a testament to the program.

Over the past 40 years John Wallace has worked hard to create a pathway for swimmers to develop their love of swimming - from stepping stones for infants in the learn to swim program to progress and grow in the sport, supported right the way through to ultimately reaching their full potential at an elite level. There is a squad here at Caloundra Aquatic Lifestyle Centre to cater for every level of swimmer, from beginner to advanced, learn to swim to Olympian.

We offer the programs, pathway, facilities and resources to optimise the opportunity for the determined swimmer to excel. Our 8 lane 50 metre pool and a 6 lane 25 metre pool (both with heated water all year round), commercially equipped gym and dryland facilities are combined with passionate and experienced coaching staff and supported by extensive professional networks to empower swimmers to be champions in the water and in life.

In addition to our competitive stream we also offer a Fit Swim program for the fitness minded & health conscious teenager, keen to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle in non in a competitive environment.

Our Levels

Junior Development Squad

Having fun and enjoying the team environment is the priority for our Junior Development Squads. Mastering the technical aspects of all strokes, developing race skills, co-ordination and fitness are the foundations laid down in our athletes at this level. Swimmers are introduced to Club Nights (if not already familiar) and the journey of competitive club swimming usually begins at this level. Racing well at school swimming & nippers becomes a focus.

To progress from Marlins Stroke Development Group to Bronze Target Juinor Development Squad

You must complete a minimum of 3 stroke certificates, and have a good basic knowledge of a 4th. You must also complete a 200m swim and IM turns.

To progress from Bronze Target Junior Development Squad to Bronze Junior Development Squad

You must complete the following swim and kick sets:

  • 6 x 50 freestyle on a 60 cycle
  • 6 x 50 kick on a 1:30 cycle (choice of stroke)

You must also complete one of the following swim sets:

  • 6 x 50 backstroke on a 1:10 cycle
  • 6 x 50 breaststroke on a 1:15 cycle
  • 4 x 25 butterfly on a 50 cycle

State Development Squad

Swimmers in our State Development Squad have demonstrated a strong desire to improve and shown increased levels of commitment to get to this level. Swimming competitively and racing well at a regional level, our athletes are striving towards state level competition in either pool, surf or triathlon events. Swimmers will now progress through our dryland program, developed by our extensive professional networks, for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

This program focuses on core stability, strength and flexibility. Our coaches work with swimmers to develop fundamental skills for life in and out of the water, and to achieve the goals they’ve set themselves. Topics include nutrition, time management, self-discipline, decision making and goal setting.

To progress from Junior Development Squad to State Development Squad

You must complete the following swim and kick sets:

  • 10 x 100 freestyle on a 1:50 cycle
  • 4 x 100 kick on a 2:30 cycle (choice of stroke)

You must also complete one of the following swim sets:

  • 6 x 100 backstroke on a 2:00 cycle
  • 6 x 100 breaststroke on a 2:00 cycle
  • 8 x 25 butterfly on a 40 cycle

National Development Squad

Entry to this squad is by invitation from High Performance Director John Wallace. Swimmers need to have consistently displayed all the attributes needed to perform at the highest levels. Working with our head coach and network of support professionals, athletes are dedicated to giving themselves the best possible opportunity to prepare and perform at the elite level with a desire of making Australian Youth & Open Teams for representative honours.

To progress from State Development Squad to National Development Squad

An approved racing time must be accomplished to be invited to the National Development Squad. These times are relative to current Australian Open/Age National qualifying times in the age group that you are competing in that season (as per the table below)

50m = 1 second

100m = 3 seconds

200m = 6 seconds

400m = 12 seconds

800m = 24 seconds

1500m = 36 seconds

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