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WHY winter swim?

Winter is a terrific time to build your swimming “BASE.”  Increasing your weekly kms and swim sessions NOW will elevate your swimming to another level for your summer swim training and racing.  Waiting for summer (being out of water 4-6 months) is  a huge missed opportunity.  Consistent winter swimming WILL improve your performance 3-6 months down the road-- in summer.  Winter swimming not only improves your swimming but also improves overall fitness and health.  Swimming through the winter will make your summer better.

Having a controlled training environment (water temp, clarity, lane ropes and pace clock) enables athletes to plan and execute a specific training program.  While it is good to keep doing open water swims—Mother Nature often ends up dictating how the session goes—sometimes emphasis becomes more on battling the elements rather than training to swim faster, longer, more efficiently.  And if temperatures are a bit daunting for you (average winter local ocean temp is 21/22)—COME TO THE POOL…at Caloundra Aquatic Lifestyle Centre the 50m pool is heated to 27.5 and the 25m pool is heated to 29/30.  LOVELY for a swim! (And showers are always HOT if the air temperature is cool and you have places to go after training).

WHY swim in a squad?

Numerous benefits of pool squad training include 1) continuing swim education and stroke correction, 2) pushing speed and endurance boundaries and 3) of course squad is a social event—the more the merrier.  It is easier to swim/push “outside your comfort zone” with other people. And yes we are talking about mental (encouragement) and physical (“drag” is a good thing/teamwork) support from your fellow swimmers.  Bring a friend or meet at squad for some accountability—just getting there is often the hardest part.  Winter squads are generally smaller groups—during this quieter period we have more space and time to work on individual stroke correction and programming.

WHY swim with Coach Suzy Toner?

SILVER Licence Coach Suzy Toner is a knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic coach who wants to help YOU achieve YOUR individual goals whether that means you are swimming solely for fitness or want to improve for open water or multisport competitions. Suzy swam and ran (cross country 5k and track 1500 and 3000) competitively throughout high school and university. She has been coaching swimming for over 30 years—including age group, high performance and adult squads.

Suzy was selected as part of the Australian Open Water Swim Team (as coach/handler) for FINA World Cup in France ’96, Pan Pacific Games in Japan ’97, and World Championships in Australia ’98.  Coach Suzy also coached swimmers traveling to Open Water races in Italy, Argentina, and Brazil and throughout Australia.  She has run and participated in numerous training camps and clinics in the US, New Zealand, UK, Germany, and Australia.
More recently, Suzy has been coaching high school swimmers and runners up to state competitions in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving back to Australia in August 2016.  Coach Suzy ‘s Adult Squad program is designed to encourage swimmers to train different speeds (energy systems) and improve technique and efficiency —all while having a great time.

WHY swim at Caloundra Aquatic Lifestyle Centre?

Warm winter water, great training group, 6 Adult Squad sessions per week (and an amazing coach!)

ALL this with crystal clear warm water and palm trees… life is good.
YOU’RE INVITED! Bring a friend! START NOW! Visualize for summer!


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