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Grandparents Week

October 23 to 28

Recent changes in family and society have meant that the roles grandparents take on have changed. Many grandparents are playing a bigger and more responsible part of grandchild care than they may once have thought necessary.

With summer fast approaching, children of all ages are constantly requesting a trip to the pool or beach; an adventure many grandparents dread. The John Wallace Swim School have taken a pro-active approach to summer aquatic safety by running "SwimSAFER Week” each year, in conjunction with Swim Australia. During this week, a heavy emphasis is placed on water safety in and around the pool.

Once again this year we would like to honour the role many grandparents play in assisting water safety education of children by holding "Grandparents Week".

Grandparents who have taken positive steps towards water safety for their grandchildren are able to make the summer aquatic experience more enjoyable by attending swimming lessons with their grandchildren. Some actually get in the water with the really little ones while others sit nearby for moral support.  Most grandparents will agree that to witness a skill mastered is a joy in itself. The look of pride given by the young student is priceless.

Kristy, manager of the John Wallace Swim School, has been amazed at the amount of enthusiastic grandparents that attend weekly classes.

"We love seeing the grandparents get involved with the swim lessons as they realise how important it is for the children to be competent around water" Kristy says.

The Nannas and Poppas, Grandmas and Grandads really love the bonding part they play with the lessons too. Mary, Zac's Nanna said "l wouldn't miss this for the world - it is part of the week that I really look forward to.”

Grandparents Week will be held from Monday 23rd October to Saturday 28th October. We look forward to seeing you all by the pool side.

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